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Signers of the U.S. Constitution

Signers of the U.S. Constitution

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Delegates from 12 states (Rhode Island didn't send a delegation) met in Philadelphia in 1787 to draft a new constitution. William Jackson also signed the document as secretary of the convention in attestation of the document's validity.John Adams and Thomas Jefferson did not attend because they were overseas on diplomatic missions. Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry did not attend because they did not see a need for the change.Jonathan Dayton at the age of 26 was the youngest person to sign, while Benjamin Franklin, at age 81, was the oldest to sign the Constitution as he had been the oldest to (1026:sign the Declaration of Independence] a decade earlier.


  • John Blair
  • James Madison*
  • George Washington

New Hampshire

  • Nicholas Gilman
  • John Langdon


  • Nathaniel Gorham
  • Rufus King


  • William Samuel Johnson
  • Roger Sherman

New York

  • Alexander Hamilton

New Jersey

  • David Brearly
  • Jonathan Dayton
  • William Livingston
  • William Paterson


  • George Clymer
  • Thomas Fitzsimmons
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Jared Ingersoll
  • Thomas Mifflin
  • Gouvernor Morris
  • Robert Morris
  • James Wilson


  • Richard Bassett
  • Gunning Bedford, Jr.
  • Jacob Broom
  • John Dickinson
  • George Read


  • Daniel Carroll
  • Daniel Jenifer
  • James McHenry

North Carolina

  • William Blount
  • Richard Dobbs Spaight
  • Hugh Williamson

South Carolina

  • Pierce Butler
  • Charles Pinckney
  • Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
  • John Rutledge


  • Abraham Baldwin
  • William Few, Jr.

Rhode Island, one of the original 13 colonies, did not immediately sign the Constitution of the United States (Text), but did so three years later and became a state in 1790. See United States Constitution.
*The streets of Madison, Wisconsin, are named after the signers.

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