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History of Chippewa - History

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A tribe of Indians living principally around Lake Superior. Chippewa, Ontario, was the scene of a hardfought battle won by the Americans 5 July 1814.

(Sch: t. 70; 1. 59'; b. 16'; dph. 7'; cpl. 15; a. 1 18-pdr.,
2 swivels.)

The first Chippewa, a schooner, was captured from the British 10 September 1813 and fitted out for service in the U.S. Navy, Acting Midshipman Robert S. Tatem in command. She cruised on Lake Erie as a part of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's Squadron. After sailing from Put-in-Bay in October with several Army officers and baggage on board, she was driven ashore by a violent squall at Black Rock, N.Y. She was burned by a British landing party 29 December 1813.


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